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Retail Liquor Store Permit - CARLYLE, Saskatchewan

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Time Left: Ended (Auction: 1/31/20 12:00 pm )


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Retail Liquor Store Permit authorizes a qualifying business to sell beer, wine and spirits in closed containers for off-site consumption. There are approximately 700 liquor retailers currently operating in Saskatchewan. The number of retailers allowed in a municipality is determined by population.

The winner of this auction gives the individual/business the opportunity to apply for the available Retail Liquor Store Permit in CARLYLE. Being the highest bidder is only the first step in the permitting process - it does not automatically qualify you to hold a liquor permit. The prospective retailer must meet all Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) requirements to hold a commercial liquor permit, including good character.

Bidders are directed to the Commercial Liquor Permittee Manual (link below) to ensure they understand the requirements for the operation of a retail liquor store and the terms of the auction (in particular, chapter IX, section 14). Retail store permittees must comply with the terms and conditions of the permit, the Commercial Liquor Permittee Manual, The Alcohol Control Regulations, 2016 and The Alcohol and Gaming Regulation Act, 1997.

Retail liquor stores operating in communities with a population of 5,000 or greater must operate as a standalone store (freestanding or store-within-a-store that operates independently from the affiliated business). In communities of less than 5,000, liquor sales can take place within an existing business or can be operated as a standalone store.

Retail Liquor Store Permit holders are also required to meet applicable zoning bylaws in the community regarding the location of the liquor permitted establishment. In communities where there are multiple liquor stores, a single operator cannot hold all of the permits.

In addition to the bid amount, applicants are subject to a $525 permit application fee and an annual permit fee ($157-$525 depending on location). Retail liquor stores must be open within 18 months of the auction closing. The winning bid amount must be paid within specified periods: 25% (30 days), further 50% (12 months), final 25% (before permit issued to a maximum of 18 months).

The high bidder must also pay a non-refundable Buyer's Premium (15% of winning bid to a maximum of $750) to McDougall Auctioneers Ltd. in full within 3 business days from the close of sale. The high bidders contact information and bid amount will be forwarded to SLGA immediately upon the close of sale, which will initiate the start of the permit qualification process. All further negotiation and permitting/licensing process will be strictly between the purchaser and SLGA.

Names of the winning bidders will be made public within five business days of the closing of the auction. (If the registered bidder is different than the applicant, it is the applicant's name that will be made public).

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