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Massive Dispersal of Video Game Store
Games, Systems, Accessories
Office Equip, Etc
Closing July 23 - Noon

Date: Jul 23
Time: 12:00PM


Saskatoon, SK


Great opportunity for the serious "gamer" or someone looking to start or expand an existing business!

To include...
Playstation 2; Playstations; Nintendo Game Cube; Nintendo Wii Mini; Nintendo DS Lite; Nintendo DSI; Nintendo Entertainment System; Super Nintendo; Large Quantity of Wii Accessories.

Xbox 360 Elite 120 GB Hard Drive; XBox 360; Xbox 360 Data Transfer Cable/ Memory Cards; Xbox; Xbox 360 Rechargable Controller Batteries; Xbox Junior Blue Intek Controller; Xbox Hop Gear Controller; Xbox 360 Chat Pad; Xbox 360 Charge Cable; Xbox 360 Wireless Controller; 6' Xbox Controller Extension Cable.

Computers & Electronics
Commodor VIC 20 Personal Computer; Planar PXL 23.5" Touch Screen Monitor; Printers; Misc Electronics; Desktop Computers / Monitors; Metal Shelving Racks & Display Shelves

Miscellaneous Items
Segma Saturn; Sega Genesis plus 100's and 100's of assorted video games; Tons of Plastic CD & Video Game Cases; Light up Screens.

Other Details

We accept Cash as well as Debit. Visa & MasterCard are accepted to a Maximum of $3300.00, over this amount we will be charging a 3% convenience fee. Please note, you will be charged a 15% buyers premium to a max. of $500.00 per lot.

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